Rebecca Chadwell works in interdisciplinary art and media production.

She began in performance art, theater and music, began adapting short fiction for the screen, and then sound. This allowed for multimedia installations and poetry films. The culmination of these skills naturally led to film production.

She was not content watching the audience passively absorb content. This led to looking for ways to integrate film into a more active or experience for the viewers, often inciting participation through theater and art, begging reason from the unintelligible, creating the Experience of Wonder.

Her most recent production is The Pink Tablet, written by Ellen Welcker. (credits: design, direction, choreography, multimedia, adaptation and additional material)

Forthcoming productions include The Sqelixw Language and Culture project, incorporating traditional indigenous storytelling with VR, New Media, and elements of theater.

Previously, she has coordinated programs at Community Minded Television, promoting diversity in storytelling through media production. She managed Spokane Women/Art/Media which supported women working in art and media by providing workshops and community meetups.  She is a founding member of Spark Central, is co-founder of  The Richmond Art Collective, and has guided future rock stars at Girls Rock Lab. Currently, she is working with The Public VR Lab to build an inclusive, international Community VR Movement. She is a lifetime member of The Central School Project in Bisbee, Az.


Artist Statement: 

The Experience of Wonder is transformative, it suspends disbelief if for only a moment and allows the viewer inside of a world much like their own without knowing what will happen next. I do not provide answers in my work, only questions as a starting point for one’s own inner workings. These questions often deal with social justice, hierarchies in society, and developing or recognizing empathy as a source of power.